Did You Know That This 7 Things will Happen To You when You Stop Having Sex

1. It Won’t Get any Tighter!

Medically speaking, it won’t! While most people think that because they have stop doing it, their private part will tighten. Unfortunately, it will not. Why? Because your hymen will not grow back. The tissues of your vagina might not forget the habit of relaxing when you are aroused. This may cause you to take some time to arouse but that’s nothing dangerous.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Men, beware because is a 99.9% probability. In fact, studies have proven it that men who have stopped having intercourse have a hard time getting the small guy up. Probably he has forgotten how it felt like. That means the more you remind it by doing sex, the more it will remember the feeling. Even older men won’t face erectile dysfunction as long as they keep doing it. Plus, studies show that regular sexual activity generate positive impact on men and that my friend is a big bonus.

3. Your Drive to have Sex Gets Affected

While expert are not unanimous on this, still it is worth to pay attention. Some say that your desire deteriorates for the reason that your Libido decreases. On the other hand, other experts say that because the body is lacking, your Libido increases and thus increase your desire for sex. Which ever it is, I think we both would agree that it won’t have any good effect on you if you miss out on it for more reasons below. Read on!

4. Stress and Anxiety Relief?

I’m sure you and I would agree that sexual intercourse relaxes the body. It’s like you just had the best body spa in the world. That means stopping having sex would increase your stress and anxiety. (I hope you are not one of them because for sure you will have a severe problem.)

5. Impact on Cardiac Health

I don’t know if you are gonna believe this but your sex life does affect your heart function. And a good heart means a longer life. Remember what we said earlier that mission out on sex can mean increase in stress and anxiety. Well, the more stress you are, the more you weaken your heart. Unless you are the kind of guy who takes out frustrations and anxiety by doing other sports activities or gym workout, then probably you can bypass this.

6. It Takes More Time to Get Wet

As we know that everything needs some maintenance to keep working well, same is the case with your private parts. According to studies, if you have sexual intercourse more often you’ll get wet early but if there’s a break in between, it might take some more time for you to get wet.

7. Effect on Your Intellect

You might be thinking its bullshit but it’s true and scientists have proved it in many studies that having intercourse boots the neurons in your brain and that results in making your brain even more powerful and active. All the brain-boosting techniques are boring and difficult to imply but why not do it the easy and fun way, the way you love it.

So, are you up to it? better think fast!

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